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Real-time, Location-aware transit information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4Transit?

4Transit predicts the next bus/streetcar for each route within approximately 400m of your current location. For this, it depends on data from your local transit company and their partners Next Bus Inc. and an internal map transit stops in your area, 4Transit identifies your nearest bus stops and subway stations (if any) and gives times only for the nearest stop for each service.

What areas do you cover?

Each version of the 4Transit family covers a different geographic area and is based on the coverage of specific transit companies. This means that in Toronto for example, 4Transit is specific to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) services.

How long will my app continue to be accurate/work?

4Transit is totally dependent on public data feeds from Next Bus Inc. who in turn report the information on behalf of the transit operator. If Next Bus stops providing the data, or changes its data format, the app will cease to work. The app also contains information on all routes and sometimes subway stations in order to save on your data charges. As the transit network network changes over time, this internal map will become out of date. You should expect to update/purchase newer versions of 4Transit after approximately 6 months of initial purchase. It will never stop trying to work, but the bus information it relies on may grow stale over the coming months and years.

I'm disabled and have difficulty using 4Transit, what can I do?

We have tried to make 4Transit as easy to use as possible. That's why the most you need to do is to turn it on and scroll (with the exception of the application menu where this FAQ is currently located in the app). We have also tried to make the text as large as practical, and have the results as clear as possible. We understand that this won't help everyone, and we plan for future versions of 4transit to much more configurable to match user need. Keep watching for updates on accessibility features.

What mobile device can run 4Transit?

Currently only the new Z10 and Q10 BlackBerry phones can run 4Transit. We expect it to offer it on Playbook when the new BlackBerry10 operating system is available for PlayBook."

4Transit sometimes takes forever to find my location, what's wrong?

4Transit uses GPS to find your location. Sometimes your BlackBerry may struggles to find that GPS location, especially indoors or built-up areas where there are many tall buildings. 4Transit also uses BlackBerry's location services which uses your cell information and any WiFi information to help find you. If the app takes more than 2 minutes to find your location, you may need to find a better location to stand until the location is found (outdoors usually).

Why do the distances sometimes jump around?

Sometimes your BlackBerry struggles to get an accurate GPS location. In order to get 4Transit up and running, we allow the GPS location to stray by up to 20m. Until the GPS signal settles down, you will see bus stops jump around by a few metres occasionally.

How much data bandwidth does 4Transit use?

When running, 4Tranist contacts NextBus Inc. frequently in order to update your transit information, even when the app is minimized (we provide live transit information on the minimized tile). The information passed beween Next Bus and your phone is a very small amount, but it does occur frequently. If you are not on an unlimited data plan, we recommend you close the app when you don't need it.

Why don't all my local bus stops and services show up?

4Transit only shows those bus and streetcar routes for which Next Bus has made a prediction. We don't show stops or service for which there is no predicted service.

Why does 4Transit sometimes not show a departure even when I can see the bus coming?

There is a lot of technology behind predicting bus arrivals. Every one of the tranit operators buses and streetcars has a radio link to the a control centre, who forward the information to Next Bus, who provide the feed 4Transit uses. Sometimes the radio link is faulty. Sometimes the data takes so long to get though to Next Bus that the prediction would be meaningless. Sometimes Next Bus has a huge traffic load and some predictions aren't made in time. And that's why the predictions are sometimes missing or a little late arriving.

Why does 4Transit not show departure times for the subway in Toronto?

Largely because it doesn't help. The app won't work inside subway tunnels and stations because it can't get a GPS fix, and it often can't get a phone signal to receive data. In any case, subway trains run every 4-6 minutes throughout the day, so predicted times are a little pointless. What would be useful is first/last train information, and that will come in a later version of 4Transit. For now, we report your nearest subway station route-by-route.

Why do I sometimes see the same bus number twice on the minimized app?

There isn't space to show destinations and sometimes the same bus/streetcar number have the same number but different destinations. Please check the front of the bus/streetcar before you board.

Can I get the distance in feet?

Sorry, this version is only in metric. Later versions/updates will allow you to choose distance in feet.

Sometimes the distance shown is close, but the stop is difficult to get to. Why?

The distance shown is the shortest distance as-the-crow-flies. More accurate walking distances (and routes for you to follow) are planned for later editions of 4Transit.